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Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Vaughan for Business

Located in Ontario, Vaughan has a population of 320,000 people. Known for being a city that’s family and business-friendly, this city offers easy access to Highways 400, 401, and 407. In fact, Vaughan is just 23 kilometres north of Toronto. However, Vaughan possesses its own abundance of amenities from a reasonable cost of living to excellent schools. Vaughan's healthy economy also provides a great basis for locating your business and workforce there.

Here are some other reasons why you should consider moving to Vaughan for business

The Location

As mentioned, Vaughan is located close to Toronto, and its connection to the major highways makes it an ideal location for a logistics establishment or a warehouse. Another perk to its strategic location (if considering a fulfilment start-up) is its proximity to some of the major cities in the northern U.S. like New York City, Boston, and Chicago. Aside from shipping, Vaughan also has a strong support system for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The prime location allows for a short commute which is another reason why businesses and residents alike choose Vaughan.

TTC and Great Transit

Another reason for choosing Vaughan for business pertains to its Vaughan Metropolitan Centre TTC subway station. With this ready access to all parts of Toronto, your staff and customers would have great connectivity from many corners of the GTA, and specifically other transit connected pockets of Toronto, to your business in Vaughan. Along with the TTC subway access, Vaughan is well serviced by the VIVA rapid bus transit system.

A Promising Economy

Vaughan also has one of the most resilient and growing economies in Ontario. Vaughan is located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), which has become a renowned hub for innovation and commerce. For instance, the MaRS District in Toronto, which is just south of Vaughan, is home to numerous research facilities, venture capital organizations, and business incubators. Additionally, you will find the third largest stock exchange in North America (the TSX) and the world’s largest exchange for mining, oil, gas, and cleantech companies also in Toronto.

On a broader basis, your access to 1.6 billion consumers through CETA (Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) and USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement) offers another benefit of moving to Vaughan for business—not to mention the low tax rate.

Great Customer and Labour Pool Access

Since Vaughan is home to three post-secondary institutions and is located near the University of Toronto, very little stands in the way of finding the best individuals to join your team. Moreover, Vaughan is known for its stellar public and private schools and a wide range of amenities for families which brings you a significant customer and labour base.

Prime Vaughan Industrial Real Estate Market

Lastly, you would never have to worry about finding a new “home” for your headquarters if you're an industrial user with Vaughan’s industrial real estate market. Are you looking for space to build? Vaughan has 1041 hectares of vacant spots waiting to be developed, primarily in the norther part of the city, though zoning changes may be required. Or if you are searching for your warehouse and logistics facility, Vaughan offers an array of options for sale or lease with a large inventory of industrial properties.

If you make the decision to locate all or part of your business in Vaughan, you don't have to waste time searching for the perfect commercial or industrial property when working with Joe Rosati, a top GTA commercial realtor with a background in law, project management, and engineering. Joe specializes in finding prime locations and negotiating deals from start to finish. Contact him today to start the process for your next business venture and commercial property in Vaughan.



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