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Food Distribution and Food Production Business Specialization

Helping Food-Based Corporations Such as Importers, Distributors, and Producers with their Real Estate Needs is One of Our Core Specialties

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Commercial Real Estate

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Joe Rosati

Ontario is home to a large number of food based importers, distributors, and production companies, all of whom benefit from a large and growing diverse customer base in the province and the large supply-chain and retail infrastructure that is in place.

One of our specialties is in helping such businesses with refrigerated and freezer facilities, food processing plants, food distribution centres, CFIA, SFCA, and HACCP certified facilities, dry mix and blending plants, dairy and beverage plants, organic, kosher and fresh produce facilities, meat and poultry plants, and commercial bakeries.

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Our Advantage For Food Businesses

  • We Know Your Business: We have a team of experts with vast experience working in the food industry and working with food occupiers on real estate transactions. We know what is important to food-based businesses when it comes to their property needs and we know how to work with Landlords to make things happen.

  • We Have the Contacts: Whether you need support with cooler/freezer vendors, racking suppliers, pest-control companies, general contractors, zoning changes, and more, we've got a network of trusted professionals who we've worked with on many projects that can help with whatever you need.

  • We Have the Properties: Anyone can send you properties from the MLS. We'll not only do that (and we monitor the market daily so that we can react as soon as a property hits the market), but we have a broad network of food-friendly Landlords and brokers that often provide us with off-market opportunities or give us early previews of properties before they hit the market. 

Cooler/Freezer Requirements

Many food users require substantial walk-in cooler and freezer space, and we help navigate this requirement with our clients and with Landlords to make sure everyone is happy. Not all Landlords are initially open to such a requirement but we can work with them to gain acceptance and often to obtain concessions such as free rent and a Tenant Improvement (TI) allowance to offset costs.

Pest Control

We understand that for food users, having an immaculate facility is of critical importance. That means pest control is a massive priority, and we have a network of vendors who can manage this issue for you so that your facility remains 100% pest-free. We also prioritize properties for you that are of the highest quality construction and cleanliness standards so that you can be comfortable of having a clean operation.

Shipping Capability

We understand how important shipping and logistics is to food-based companies, and so it's critical that we uncover property options that can support efficient and functional shipping and receiving activities. This means an abundant number truck-level doors with enough space for 53 ft trailers to maneuver easily in the rear shipping court. This means, in some cases, oversized drive-in doors to allow flatbed trucks to enter into and out of the facility as needed for easy unloading.


This can be a critical factor for a food-based business. Being close to a reliable labour force, or trying to relocate close to existing facilities in order to retain staff, can be paramount. Likewise, having access to major 400-series highways and transportation networks throughout the GTA in order to reach key customers and markets is absolutely essential for many food companies. Location can have a bearing on rent rates and availability as well so those factors must be balanced with requirements.

Entry Into Canada

In our food specialization, many of our clients are businesses that originate outside of Canada but want to expand into the Canadian market. Our services not only represent these clients for their property needs, but we work with a group of professionals, from immigration professionals to marketing agencies, that assist overseas businesses with smooth entry into the Canadian market. We'll connect you with these professionals who have been instrumental in assisting our clients in the past with a smooth transition.

How We Advocate For You

Some Landlords - even some of the largest ones - may not be fully comfortable with having food-based businesses as Tenants. We are experts at challenging that narrative and educating these Landlords as to why a food-based business is one of the best Tenants you can have. For instance, many Landlords don't realize how 'recession-proof' most food-based businesses are, since when the economy is weak many consumers revert to making more food at home rather than dining out. This is just one example of the insights we provide to Landlords in order to get them on board with your business. We've even had success in obtaining concessions for our food clients such as lengthy fixturing or free rent periods in order to give them time to build-out their space and install cooler/freezer equipment, and in some cases even Tenant Improvement (TI) allowances to contribute to those costs. 

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Areas We Serve

Toronto, Vaughan, Brampton, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Barrie, and More

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